Internet Marketing

No e-commerce site functions without site visitors that have an intent to initially review the product and brand with an ongoing intention to buy. Netprofits LLC will develop a brand and model specific Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign encompassing onsite and offsite organic Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing with the specific goal of continually improving the conversion rate and site visitor value.

Search Engine Optimization

Whilst Search Engine Optimization is an intrinsic part of any well balanced SEM campaign it is also a specific product and service in its own right. A vendor or merchant partner may have an existing e-commerce site that is not maximizing its potential in the Search Engine Results pages. In this instance we will build out a specific site with the intention of bringing the main brand and model buying keywords to the front page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO will encompass detailed and intensive keyword research to uncover the keywords offering the brand’s maximum traffic and buying potential. Keyword research is run using sophisticated software technology that integrates with the Google and Bing database’s to return highly refined keyword market data.

From that data the site will then be run through a specific number of tests to ensure that the 1‘Onpage’ criteria are met and fully optimized

The keyword research will then be used to develop an intensive ‘Off Page’ SEO campaign which will be mainly developing high quality keyword optimized anchor text backlinks. The most valuable ‘asset’ any site wanting to rank high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) is a large number of keyword optimized anchor text backlinks. This is the most important part of Google’s algorithm, and the most difficult to achieve for the majority of site owners and e-commerce merchants.

Netprofits has developed a highly sophisticated structure using both manual and software driven backlink development.